Black Bears Fire

The Bottomless Blue

3 Is Half Of 8

alone in the hospital waiting for the call the anesthetic's tropical flavor the color of the wall and I deserve a better lie nurturing and dominating making me stick to the plastic sheets shaking until I'm salivating your hunger's giving me the creeps and I deserve another try you always dreamed of sleeping on the celling but you never wanted it to crumble down in to your bed you taught yourself to chase away that feeling but the memory is still in debt to the voice inside your head and I deserve a better lie at a loss of what to say since I lost you in a different way some days your'e all I want to see but I can't look at you today and everything I didn't say what  I throw away wont go away I know the know the way that my heart feeds on truth ridden tooth decay in my mouth screaming out I knew you wouldn't stay and my brain waves are burning up my weary eyes I can't cry they keep cooking until my tears are dry and I know you would have wanted me to say that I deserve a better lie