Black Bears Fire

The Bottomless Blue

Cold Shotgun Blues

you think that you are nothing but you know that you are something when you're on your knees it gives you all the power that you need to drink the sour sweat of all of these businessmen and honest men who need a break from congressmen on their TVs so they trade their pay check for your disease the sound of you coming under two hundred pounds of apathy makes me love you more then when you did the same for me it makes your stomach bubble but it keeps you out of trouble to put on a smile pretty purple bruises running up your arms abusing that devil's flower swapping your blood for a couple timeless hours it's the lesser of two evils in a way you pay the price to pay the man to get you through the day don't get caught in the trap of running from the things you built to chase you down giving head to undead friends leaves you feeling hollow like the bottom of the bottles were stealing and dropping on the ground find what your looking for find out what's looking for you Acetaminophen something you taught me to do I'm dead in the desert my face turning cold shotgun blue find out who found you and find out what they came to do to you