Black Bears Fire

The Bottomless Blue

Half Life

walking through hazardous waste on the road I can taste that they failed to return from falling for every trap set in front of us we watched them fall for and then some but we swear that we can do better then the ones who led the way to where we'll watch the next ones make the same mistakes they watched us make in front on them go back in time in time to stop the plan falling asleep in the street full of rattle snakes looking out for ones who've been afraid surrendering to the trees to take the weight off of my knees I have been carrying since the Halloween parade skeletons all too familiar back for seconds never ever full someone else just for a day painted up until faces wash away they'll swear it was impossible crossing the desert that's wet from the blood of the ones who went and dried up all the rain knowing damn well that just crying a river that turns into clouds just ain't the same so beat that dead horse with that stick a little more should do the trick you're tired of being tired of being sick of their demands but don't that gun in your hands make you feel like a real man and not an animal with your head in the sand a half life in the broken promise land