Black Bears Fire

The Bottomless Blue

Long Song

I won't hear anything you say when you shout to me as I drive away I'll turn my radio up all the way and I won't stop until the SanFransico bay I've got a couple friends who say I can stay but I won't stick around too long I've got to find somebody to take my mind of somebody who done me wrong oh but nobody will do I've only got eyes for you so I'm keeping them shut with this rabbit skin glue and I'll try to stop thinking get high to stop drinking and sink into the bottomless blue I won't hear anything they say when I'm wasting away by a full ashtray my baby blues turn sky scrapper grey when I lay on the floor on the sunniest day I know the air is sweeter riding in a two seater watching meter maids making the rounds but the golden gate bride has got seven eight kids trying to make it off and into the ground oh and I would take a dive if I forgot you were alive but you're a song that wont get out of my head and so I'll sing it to the flies that keep a circling my eyes until the day I figure out what you said you're a long long song oh but I keep singing along your'e a long long song oh but I keep singing it wrong