Black Bears Fire

The Bottomless Blue

Rainbow Of Chemicals

a rainbow of chemicals above my house when I woke up the clouds were suffocating us debating raining after such a boring night of hanging around our small contaminated town everyone's impatient to defend and when there's no room left in hell the dead will walk the earth and we'll all hide behind the counters selling things we'll go to hell for in the end do you remember all the times we couldn't talk about the times we couldn't laugh about the times we couldn't walk back to my house? I guess that's all there was to do when every day was something new we could have sworn we'd done before we did so the first new place we found said this is it and all our friends loved all our friends a little too much so it ended in a bloody battle to the death we ate who we were jealous of locked away the ones who just reminded us way too much of ourselves and everyone who saw it all was buried in the place we call the place you never try to call for help but always wish that you were somewhere else now our feet are married to the ground our heads are divorced from the clouds our hearts and stomachs somewhere in between and so our brains can take control fixing problems filling holes someone we can love something to eat but our eyes just can't forget what they have seen and our dogs and cats will die before we do so why we keep on buying more of them I still don't understand I guess it's nice to have a friend who's always happy to the end when food and love is all that they demand all I know is I'm a vegetarian