Black Bears Fire

The Bottomless Blue

Split In 2

in the rain in the street in the town where I meet all the alternate versions of all of my childhood friends throwing up pretending they're grown ups scheduling their fuck ups and new ways to make amends who to depend on depends on who's willing to see if the means justify the end I'm hellbent on finding the humor in everyone pretending not to pretend and the worms split in two underneath our feet like in the playground we learned to survive now our bones have grown weak from living on concrete well do anything we can to forget were alive I still can't find the time machine that I hid from myself when I was five I knew I would use it for evil when I grew to be who I already was inside so I shaved off a couple of years from my life in exchange for some years that all felt twice as long to me I seem to remember a plan in the future erasing my memory but I don't remember if I followed through because somebody told me that I never do and when I told you to tell me that I think it's true I ran out of time to forget not to think it through oh and our lives split in two when we fall asleep both of our bodies still lying in bed we can say all the things we could never say to one another inside our own heads but sometimes your dreams all leak into mine and I'm awake until you make me forget we live in our own worlds together and somehow we still haven't actually met and I think that we will but it just hasn't happened yet