Black Bears Fire

The Bottomless Blue

Start Sleeping In

somebody help I forgot how to make a mistake I'm feeling afraid of feeling this safe when you see things coming from a mile away and you're the halfway point it's hard to want to stay for their sake and the worms in your heart hate the taste of your blood when you start sleeping in and stop growing up and the ants make their home in the heart of your brain stealing little bits of information grain by grain until you miss being empty and start throwing up someone told me it only gets easier to make things harder on yourself harder to ask someone for help with something that used to come easily to you when you were someone else and the blazing hot sun turns mushy and brown cooks the footprints right off the sidewalk on our side of town the wind starts carrying the smell of the fight something doesn't taste right but tonight your choking it down and we buried our time capsule deep in the sky but nobody asked why so we're building houses under the ground and the sugar here smells like bones a million miles from home where everything is sweet enough all on its own and I'm filling up the spaces in between with things that I've already seen showing off what I've been shown and I'm emptying the traps of things I didn't want to catch but just wanted to see if I could and I'm making a promise to stop being honest I think it'll do me some good