Black Bears Fire

The Bottomless Blue

Wish I Knew

you've been disappearing bit by bit I'm getting used to it but I can't stand it happening so slow you just woke me from an awful dream I had where you turned into sand oh no I tired to hold you but you slipped right through my hands I had to let you go we were like two cameras pointing at one another taking pictures of each other at the same time over developed under exposed forgot who you were when you took off your clothes oh I thought you were mine until you reminded me we'd lost our minds now I'll see you how I want to see you looking at me looking at you until you do what you want and stop doing what I want you to do I'll tell you what you want to hear I'll hear just what you want me to say oh you always seem to want to stick around until you want me to stay oh I miss who you were before who you are got in the way wish I knew wish I knew a little less about you now I'm talking to myself again but this time I'm not listening so how can I take my own advice? complete unawareness of ones self is the key to happiness and health so I'm not opening my eyes oh I was crazy to think that it was sane to want the same thing twice wish I knew wish I knew a little less about you